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Royal Dice Review

Royal Dice is a great game to play online on a mobile device with friends, family, or a  significant other. This game is similar to the very popular title, Yahtzee. It comes with a fun new twist, though! It’s one of the many options available from Codeta.

The app requires some skill and strategy, but one can quickly learn their style once they start getting into the game and playing more. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

We are going to go over this casino game review and let you know what to expect from the app!  

Theme and Design

Royal Dice is played with five regular dice. A player can roll for different combinations to get a different amount of points. There’s a chance for a Full house, small straight, large straight, and a five of a kind. Players compete to get the highest amount of points, and whoever is on top at the end of the game wins. 

There are different modes to play in, which makes the app especially exciting to play! There is a normal mode, and also three others. These include triple play, real-time mode, and party mode. Each of these modifies the scorecard size, when players can join, and lobby size.

Customer Support

The game comes with excellent customer support and has a live chat, so one can communicate with staff support and also other players. All this without having to wait for a response after various hours via email.

There is an added support form on the App Store and Facebook. This is useful if someone has problems with the casino app on these specific platforms. 


Royal Dice is set up as a five dice game. It is perfect for anyone who loves the chances of rolling dice and winning prizes.

It also brings together the best parts of traditional dice games and lets people play one of the best dice app games out there.


Royal Dice has a simple login setup. It’s available for people that use a desktop computer, laptop, and as an app on mobile devices and tablets. 

The live chat doesn’t clutter the screen. Royal Dice has a comfortable layout and is quite easy to use.

Specific Features

A player can keep the same cup to roll the dice with. Winning a match results in point accumulation. Once the cap is reached, the user gains a level.

When one levels up, they get a better-looking cup, which is customizable and makes one stand out! The dice can also be modified to match personal preference. 

When someone wins a game, they will also receive a mystery treasure chest. These chests vary in prices, rewards, and bonuses. This is always an exciting feature because it is never known what will be in the chest!

The Bottom Line

This is great for dice game aficionados that want something different from the traditional games. Royal Dice is a perfect option for anyone looking for a fun and exciting mobile-friendly casino game!

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